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imdb is a superb resource. I found a way of making it more fun. Of course, someone might have done it before but thats fine.

The idea is to pick two names (movies, Taxiactors or just about anything that might be credited in imdb) and reach one from the other with the least number of clicks. A good knowledge of films makes it easier, but choosing what you want to search is the key.

To start off, I picked two of my favourite films, Taxi Driver and Pushpak. I would start at Taxi Driver and hope to reach Pushpak as quickly as I could.


1. Martin Scorsese: The breakthrough was in finding an Indian link. Scorsese doesn’t have many, but he can lead you to a few. The first thing I thought of was Kundun, his film on the Dalai Lama. He had said in an interview that authorities in India didn’t allow him to shoot in Mysore. So I felt Kundun would be a good bet.

2. Kundun: It turned out to be a poor selection. Firstly, all Scorsese might have wanted was to shoot in India. He didn’t use any Indian actors at all. I could have tried to go into the details of the film to find any further links. But that is something I’d rather not do. Film details in imdb are written by users who may choose names and links subjectively. So how do I go out of Kundun without going back to Scorsese? I looked at the recommendations from imdb (which picks 5 films that might be similar) and found Seven Years in Tibet. Brad Pitt.

3. Seven Years in Tibet: Brad Pitt’s Tibetan adventure was interesting because of Pitt himself. He and Anjelina Jolie have worked in the Mighty Heart and that has Irfan Khan, so…

4. Brad Pitt: Instead of choosing the Mighty Heart, I went for the Departed, which Pitt produced. Again, this meant that I could have just chosen Departed from Scorsese’s page directly, thus saving 3 clicks.

5. The Departed: A slightly convoluted route to an Indian link, I chose Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio: Beach. Directed by Danny Boyle.

7. Beach: Danny Boyle’s less famous film about freedom.

8. Danny Boyle: Any guesses why?

9. Slumdog Millionaire: Anil Kapoor. I know he has remade many of Kamal Hassan’s film into Hindi, but it could yet take long to reach from here.

10. Anil Kapoor: Could have gone finding Sridevi, but chose his Swati Muthyam remake.

11. Eeshwar: I found no direct links to Kamal and settled for Gulshan Grover.

12. Gulshan Grover: Remember the vile Balua in Sadma?

13. Sadma: Remember Sadma?

14. Kamal Hassan

15. Pushpak

PushpakSo, had the Scorsese to Kundun gaffe been avoided, I’d have saved a few clicks. Still, it is decent enough for now.