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Some of the most successful films have benefited immensely from previous lack of exposure to different language films. Indian films, largely, haven’t been able to hide their original source. It may be because they copied from what was easily available or perhaps they appeared as masked as say a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.
It is only in recent years that with foreign films getting wide exposure, you get an idea of how well Hollywood has been taking lessons from elsewhere. Of course, some of them do pay for the rights.
Now, since a significant part of Hollywood productions are derived and since almost all pirated DVDs of Hollywood hits go straight to Indian producers, there is a decent chance of charting a intercontinental-trip between the original and the tributaries.
Though not quite the imdb Linkling, I am tempted to place it under the category. If you can think of any other such links, do suggest.
And in keeping with the spirit of the post, this is how the idea for this was charted:
Graph Jam -> Jalsa and Jilpa -> this