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Michael Vaughan has retired and hell, was he a good batsman? The turn of century cricket from most countries apart from Australia was a purging of century-old accumulated dirt. England had thick triple-coats of these but compared to their Indian, South African and Pakistani counterparts, very little of it was of the immoral kind.

Vaughan made his debut at a really depressing time for his country’s cricket. Never ever in the ten years prior to 1999 had England scared school kids of opposing countries. There was also so little to look forward to from England. Most of them didn’t need to work hard to look boring and Graeme Hick hardly played.

So when Nasser Hussain became captain and Vaughan came along, there was at least someone we could hate to lose to and someone we’d wish a century in a losing cause to. However, look at it this way. There is nothing new to write about Vaughan and a lot has been said and written already.

The firefighting in Australia in 2002-03, the hundred in Sri Lanka sometime later, pummeling India for three centuries in 2002, another Ashes hundred at Old Trafford in 2005, and also that big offbreak to bowl Sachin Tendulkar at Trentbridge in 2002 when he was on 92, have all been seen and heard.

So I thought of checking this long-held suspicion about Vaughan and I might actually be on something unique to tell the world.


He looks so much like Christian Bale.