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Suddenly there is action in the script-writing department. They have been intimated that a well-intentioned inspection might come up soon and they better prepare themselves for the impending assessments. If they pass that with flying colours or black-and-whites, the first project is too close for discomfort.

I had this story for a long time and was looking for a proper ending to it. I seemed to have got it at various times, but my research and analysis wing kinda put paid to this. I shut it down, or rather, it shut itself down. I was then left with a script-writing department with exactly zero employees. These zero employees went on strike and suggested that my story ideas were devoid of any potential to become scripts. I was disappointed, but not discovered… which is kinda the same thing.

After foraging through the who’s whose? of cinema, the questions that rankled me were:

Did they write Jaane bhi do yaaron on the sets each day?

Would Chungking Express have been bad with a bad script?

Did Gunda ever need a script?

Who misplaced the script of New York, New York?

Why should there be a script?

As you might imagine, my RTI department works full time, mostly collecting internal queries on cricket and movies. That the queries aren’t answered in a hurry makes my judicial system subject to more cases and counter-cases. Last heard, the judiciary has bought itself a spin doctor called DK and a customer-care called DC. I also heard a rumour that the judiciary even has a bodyguard called FO.


First step to a script: Bad story-boarding.

Anyway, the point I made to the script department was that if they continued to stall on work, they’ll go the RaAW way or worse still they’d have to face ESMA. Nothing worked and I did suspend all the zero employees for two years and few months, a time when I had an indefinite curfew in my locales and all departments irrespective of importance and standing went on leave. This was also the time when my frontfoot complained that the upper body was leaning too far forward while cover-driving, leading to me being lbw too often. That story’s for another day.

As you might have noticed… (there is just one reader on this blog, so it has to be)… as I might have noticed, I had a rather unproductive curfew on, which led me into believing there wouldn’t be a coup of sorts. The coup was that another alien department went opening its own script-writing department and also wrote a script. Yet another one did the same and went further to add a film-making department. Suddenly, the old idea came alive, found its ending and stayed put.

Last heard, inspection will happen as soon as rain stops. Umpires will be out and we might have play soon. If it does happen, I can call it A Million Years of Good Weather.