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Some statistics I have had to endure while watching or talking cricket has been nothing short of hair-pulling range. I mean the “The highest score by a batsman at this ground against this opposition after 2005 playing majority of his innings at the Commentary Box End… on a Saturday” kind. I have one of my own now, not related to cricket. “The first time I watched a film in a non-single screen theater in Bangalore while it was not part of a film-festival.”
I had always been stopped by the ticket prices but when there was an opportunity, I thought, hell, why not. Ice Age 3, I thought, was rated the best of the franchisee by Roger Ebert but regardless of that I’d wanted to watch it. I had also forgotten the art of standing in a queue for tickets which meant there was none to have when I finally ended up at the Forum PVR. Do understand that multiplexes give you options, but in films, there aren’t many on a given day.

The Forum on an average day.

The Forum on an average weekend.

Boarding Gate was such a bad option to choose from the available bunch that I felt strongly for the Rs. 200. It made me feel those were better days when if you were turned back by the “houseful” board at Urvashi, you’d cross Lalbagh the next day to watch “Rumble in the Bronx”. There was no other option because Urvashi had DTS and it was the place to be. See how bad Boarding Gate was, it reminded me of DTS.
Within a fortnight, I was back at a multiplex again, this time to see Eddelu Manjunatha. Again, I missed the bus, found no tickets. Unlike the first time, I didn’t pick another option. Guruprasad and Jaggesh can wait, and so can I.
Few days later, going one step further in my evolution as a multiplex-watcher, I jumped in at the first opportunity to see Kaminey, as there were booked tickets in hand. The dingy Fun Cinema is no match to Urvashi, but its not different from PVR. Just as expensive. Even the popcorn is expensive, as if the tickets were a bargain. Some flu masks floated around and posters promised Shadow as a future release. I’d get closer to someone sneezing than to Shadow.
Anyway, Kaminey was a super experience. I rate films by the number of times they make you check your watch. It was only once in Kaminey, at the interval. So frenetic was it that I missed a lot of little things which will make me see it again soon. And soon, I might visit a multiplex, only for Quick Gun Murugan. Will multiplexes become my native place? Never mind it!