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Ocean’s 13
Al Pacino – ranting and raving + Ellen Barkin < Ocean's 13. Ocean's 13 = (0.9) * Ocean's 11 = (1.06) * Ocean's 12. o13
Steven Soderbergh will get to make Sholay 2… no 3. Fun four
Un chien andalou
uca Some 16 minutes are all Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali need to slit an eyeball, run over a woman who has a box with a severed hand and have a man drag a piano dripping blood from two donkeys’ heads.
Surreal attack Buñuel gets a butterfly. Wind blows. Bicycle loses a spoke. Horse paints time. Green dog. Capital letters. 22.
Between the time two brothers split and re-unite, torrential rains and a madcap blaze of style cleanse Mumbai of its many badasses. ka
Vishal Bharadwaj gets to keep his name unchanged. Shahid Kapoor might now be forgiven for running me out. Comedy of terrors
ga There is only one reason why it doesn’t feel so bad that Naseeruddin Shah didn’t get to play Gandhi, and that is Ben Kingsley.
No bel | Really? Just to plant a doubt, Richard Attenborough gets a CD of Sparsh and a DVD of Species.
Jaane bhi do yaaron
Strange case of attempted slapstick becoming intelligent laugh-riot, the funniest joke is that much of what happens in the movie, still happens today. jbdy
Kundan Shah gets a park named after himself. Blow up?
Tonari no Totoro
toto Very, very, very rarely would you see words like adorable used on this blog unless Hayao Miyazaki releases friendly spirits and catbuses on unsuspecting viewers.
No villain, no cry Totoro gets a Facebook friend request.
Swathi Muthyam
Radhika shows no signs of becoming a future mega-serial diva as she plays second fiddle to a Kamal Hassan who shows no signs of being the man who’d make Alavandhan. sm
K. Vishwanath gets an onyx to go with his own gems.

Forrest Gump

Baron Prášil
bar A baron and a young “moonling” woo a princess. Along the way whales swallow ships, horses swim under water and many dreams come true. Even yours.
Flights of fancy Karel Zeman gets an animated squirrel for company. Or a real one if he so wants.
Guruprasad swings freely between crass and class. Its either a cup half-full or half-empty. I’ll drink from the half-full one. mat
They all get free tickets to Benares for Gange snana. Five vices
agy Some youngsters skip their supplementary exams to end up in Sri Lanka’s forests. They are haunted by an unseen ghost. Rumour is, it is of the director who made Satya, Shiva and three-fourths of Bhoot.
Poster & 1 comment Ms. Kothari gets an sms asking, “You still think the problem is in the name?”
Encounters at the end of the world
Werner Herzog gets it cinematically and statistically right as he travels to the only continent he hadn’t yet filmed in. He’s met by a strange penguin. eew
Won’t tell anyone that Herzog dressed as that penguin. Madness?
Project A
pa Jackie Chan tries ever so hard to die young. He only succeeds in bombing out a one-legged, one-eyed pirate.
Maybe not JC JC gets to forget that he worked in Myth.
Kamal Hassan does double duty as both Brando and Pacino in Mani Rathnam’s take on Godfather. He more or less pulls it off. nay
Both Mani and Kamal get a time machine to take them back to ’87. Even the 90s would do. Gangster epic
yo Toshiro Mifune makes you wish he was always in a bad mood as he stops over at a village to show Takashi Shimura and an impetuous Tatsuya Nakadai who the real boss is.
Man untitled They all get a free DVD of A Fistful of Dollars.
Travis Bickle undergoes radical changes of mind and hair-style as New York’s streets burn, letting out slowly levitating smoke. taxi
de Niro gets a “Yes, of course!” as answer to his question and Scorsese gets free city-taxi coupons. The loner
Children of Heaven
coh Children behave like children. Adults behave like adults. Canvas shoes behave like canvas shoes.
A shoe-in Majid Majidi gets three pairs of goldfish and a TV antenna.
One Accident raised Kannada cinema’s stature, while another, some six years after this, would lay it to rest. acc
Shankar Nag gets a permanent front-row seat in this cinema hall. For a phoenix
lg Long before Laxman-2001, there was Bhuvan-1893. Bhuvan also taught the British how exactly we felt after Sharjah-1986.
Manager Bhuvan Kachra gets Hawkeye pitch-maps and bee-hives of all his spells.
Boarding Gate
By the time they realised they weren’t any close to making a French art-house kinda movie, it was too late to look for DVDs placed under the “Thriller” category. bg
Asia gets a hand-sewn dress with a collage of her dad’s movie posters on it. Not fuming
A boy interprets his dad’s poems differently and goes around killing people. Soon, he begins scaring restaurant clients as well.
Maalum, baat karta hai Amitabh gets a free KQA Mahaquizzer 2009 book and a parrot which says, “hayin”.