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I know this can be a whole long category in this blog, but my levels of introspection have been very considerate to me and this will remain a one-off post.
I have tried it for ages, but never could tap a football more than thrice at a stretch. The third tap always behaves like an errant missile. Forget controlling it with other body parts, to start with, my feet have no control. bp
I have understood from my findings that you have to keep the ball travelling up perpendicular to the ground. Makes sense. It happens the first time in my case. The second tap sends it at an angle on all axes which renders my third tap to be an panic kick. Vase beware.
Football tappiing is a very important skill to have. Football is on TV almost all through the year and whenever cricket takes a break, it is football you have to dream of. Your show of strength in front of the TV keeps the complexes at bay.
There are only some people you’d want to grant the glory of being a better player than yourself. Maradona had that honour. Zidane had that honour. Veron had it. Kaka and Messi have it now. Against the rest, I am sure I can do better. Or at least that’s what I want to feel. With my horrible control of the football though, I am not in a position to challenge anyone. Damn! See the problem?
In cricket, I can say with enough confidence that I am the best player never to have played for even a club. Even Sachin can’t say that.
I guess I have a few more serious attempts at football-control left in me. For now, I am practicing dribbling (better than Beckham now), shooting (better than Petr Cech) and penalty-taking (better than Roberto Baggio in a World Cup semis) as well. I have also run rings around the dressing table, nutmegged its chairs and took the ball almost stuck at my feet from the kitchen to the TV. I have employed the walls as my team-mates who I play some very nice 1-2s with.
How do I break the dreaded 3-tap count? I know not.