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Ondanondu kaaladalli
Once upon a time in Karnataka, two warriors join hands to uphold honour and avenge humiliation. Many people die, few heroes are made. onda
Sundarkrishna Urs gets the Takashi Shimura Award for being highly under-rated. Kurosawa calling
cas Impressive voice-overs from Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci chronicle the money and body count in Vegas’ gambling dens.
Wasted time Sharon Stone gets bonus points for not being a misfit.
Jana Aranya
Just as you think Satyajit Ray is giving you a proper lesson in capitalism, he taps on your shoulder and shows you the cost of that success: your morality. ja
Those who say there are only 5 great Ray films, get a message, “Ever seen this?” Clever Satire
bhoot Before a touch of exorcist comes to caricature the end, Ram Gopal Verma shows his better side while directing a scary Seema Biswas amongst other nutcases.
Architecturally yours He just doesn’t get it. Fardeen Khan has the same expression for Bhoot and Life Partner.
Aranyer Din Ratri
Four friends go out of the city as part holiday and part defiance of rules. They face the first shocks of their lives. adr
From memory: Rabindranath, Karl Marx, Cleopatra, Atulya Ghosh,… Shakespeare, Mao, Don Bradman… Twists and trysts
7 Two overworked detectives follow a serial killer’s trail. In the end, they don’t even have the satisfaction of getting him by themselves.
vs Silence Morgan Freeman still gets to have the last word.
Taste of Cherry
A man drives his car through an unmerciful, imposing landscape looking for someone who’d help him commit suicide. Only thing that can save him is something utterly simple. toc
Abbas Kiarostami gets to re-direct Matrix Reloaded. Can it be just as simple? Poignant flick
Gulabi Talkies
gt A good film that is always fighting a losing battle to reach up to the simplicity of Vaidehi’s story. On the positive, Umashree is more Gulabi than Gulabi can ever be.
Thought provoking The Vaidehi Fan Club gets more life members.
Imsai Arasan
Vadivelu is given a long, really long, extension to his comedy track in a more or less cheerful historical. pu
He gets a free Goundamani comedy VHS. Lollu, Nakkal
ja An old, burnt-out aristocrat opts for one final flourish to decorate his music room and accredit his life. There’s only one way this is gonna end.
El auténtico… Indian film Jalsaghar gets the best Satyajit Ray film award, provisionally at least.
Solaris (Russian)
Andrei Tarkovsky borrows Stanislaw Lem’s race between science and subconscious, only to turn the result upside down. so
Steven Soderbergh gets second place. Prodigal Son
Awwal Number
an Dev Anand stops short of quoting CLR James as he and Aditya Pancholi take Law 7 into their own hands.
Pocket transistor Not Miandad. Not Taylor. Aamir Khan gets the record for winning most matches with a last ball six.
Ed Wood
A good Johnny Depp in a very good movie about the “worst” director who thought he had great vision but made bad, funny films. ew
Tim Burton gets a… wait…. Glen is rising from the grave… oh no, run, run… yieeeeeeeeeks. Cut! And Print! Burton’s Masterpiece
Nodi swami naavirodhu heege
nsnh Double-deckers were still part of BMTC when it was still called BTS as Shankar Nag plays romance and marriage counseller to Ramesh Bhat and the eternal Swami is impish enough to run around semi-nude.
Chotte comment? That Luna goes straight into a museum.
Glengary Glen Ross
Alec Baldwin gives a lecture on sales and coffee so powerful that Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon and Jonathan Pryce simply have to keep up. ggr
The curtain stays up on this and Mamet can have his coffee. Not about sales
Ghajini (Hindi)
gh Impressed by his fast bowling some years back, Aamir Khan entrusts Pradeep Singh Rawat with a title role… in the process, himself becoming a notepad.
Statistically Yours Aamir and Surya get a Honda Jazz… Why so serious?
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring
A young man grows up in, and grows out of, a mystical lake only to return after his spirit has done the full circle. ssfw
Kim Ki-Duk gets to race on the wheel of time. Symbols of spirituality
et The transformation of Subramani to Bottle Mani is funny, but when Madhavan begins to take his new name too seriously, the fun ends.
House down Vivek gets a “Thank You” note for keeping the name fluttering high.
Good, macro-capable cameras zoom in so much that it is difficult to say which body part they are at. In c++ parlance, most actors have included <godfather.h>. sa
KK gets three years for stealing scenes. Ode to AB
Police Story (Kannada)
ps Sai Kumar introduces profanity into police work as words prove mightier than weapons in his lung-powered efforts to safeguard truth and duty.
Nostalgia Sai Kumar gets a sound-to-electricity transducer.

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