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Any day to NE: T-shirts based on the blog – North East Journal. This one has a small map of the north-east and a quote from the blog. Quite simple. The only thing that might change from the design is the placement of the main Off the Mark logo.
Grazing South: T-shirts based on the blog – Grazing South 🙂 This one has an outline of a tree I’d shot on that trip, along with the header in a weird font. Only everything is upside down including the Off the Mark logo. Hope it is printable that way.
Grazing South: Same as above, but with a coconut tree. There’s also a bike. Only the Off the Mark logo is upside down. Like in High and Low, just one part is in colour.
Un Poco Cine: Based on the new movie review section, I thought of stealing an old idea and get some movie reviews on it. This has Taxidriver’s one-liner I wrote in UPC-1.
I will try to get one or two printed first. Let’s see how it looks. The Grazing South ones are really cool I feel. Will also try enlarging these soon. Just for people to see better. I know it is annoying to be led to a blog post on clicking these, but thought it is necessary for the context.