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As far as I know, Danny Ocean never lost. He always made good with the jewels or money at the end. But at some stage he must have been Danny Ocean’s One, like Daniel Vettori is today: a one man thief trying to plunder the big shots of international cricket.
Until Rusty came along, until Linus came along, until the Malloy brothers, until Livingston Dell, until Basher, Yen, Saul, Reuben, Frank Catton and until Terry and Tess, Danny must have been alone. Like Danny is now.
Vettori may be the next great one after Richard Hadlee from Kiwiland, he might tower over his achievements, he might beat Flemo’s record for captaincy but he won’t win many matches as Danny One. Here are some suggestions for forming his own crack team to stun the bigger cricketing nations. It is indeed surprising that he can do it before his retirement.

Rusty/Trump Card: Shane Bond. He’s back, and has a couple of years of fast bowling left in him. With those glasses on, looks like Brad Pitt too.

Linus/Youth Power: Ross Taylor. One of the world’s best in the making. Next only to Martin Crowe, remember. Class act, mid-wicket stands need reworking after his innings.
Terry/Money in the bank: Jesse Ryder. Money in the bank or Man in the Hospital, the line is very fine. But if Danny can get him right, Jesse can get him runs.

Basher/Technical support: Martin Guptil. A very pleasing batsman but hardly pleasing career so far. Still, there is talent and Danny would know, he can turn the power on.

Yen/Trapeze artist: Jeetan Patel. A very under-rated off-break bowler, who like every Kiwi worth his salt is improving his batting.

Saul/Old wisdom: Jacob Oram. Old yes. Wisdom, he has to be from here on. New Zealand needs his more than Chennai Super Kings.

Malloy Brothers: McCullum Brothers. One of them can be anything in this list, but as KKR would say, not Danny, while the other one is a decent off-spinner. Great fielder too.

Tess/Soft stunner: Iain O’Brien. Only because he keeps a blog, he gets to be Julia Roberts. Unlike RGV, he should keep his professional performance better than his blog. So far, its a tie.

I am not too sure of the other two for now. Daniel Flynn looks good occasionally. But even Blue Moons are occasional, I’m told. Tim McIntosh looks to have been inherited from the Mark Richardson Class without the functions for long-stay. Where’s Kyle Mills? Ian Butler? Need some new faces, Danny. But keep the old faces from visiting the physio and IPL too often and you might just rob the Aussies.