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Minchina Ota
The Nag brothers and Loknath start chasing Butch and Sundance, but half-way through they lose steam. mo
Ratio of Butch Cassidy : Minchina Ota (old) < Minchina Ota (old) : Minchina Ota (new) Better than them
Dekalog Four
d4 A man eavesdrops on his daughter. The girl spies on her father. An unopened envelope suggests both the first sentences could be wrong.
Challenging conventions Watch out for the Indian family walking out of a 80s’ Polish airport.
Agraharathil Kazhuthai
A donkey gets no time to understand what the fuss is after its bizarre entry into a Brahmin colony challenges many people’s faiths. ag
This was when John Abraham directed films. Miracle worker
Dr. Strangelove
drs An errant officer goes bonkers over bodily fluids and turns a War Room into brilliant slapstick theater.
Opening Credits George C. Scott gets the “Best Roelof van der Merwe lookalike” award
A simpleton pays the price for his poor knowledge of Hindi movies as he gets stuck in an age old cinematic situation. mi
Ranvir Shorey gets copies of Don (both of them) Dark humour
na Girish Karnad’s story is occasionally interrupted by songs, but it still has speaking lamps and snakes on aphrodisiacs.
Split personality Here’s a paheli: what is Videsh based on?
Dekalog Three
A string of lies welcome a Christmas morning as the Polish complex witnesses yet another stirring tale. d3
This is the “Honor the Sabbath Day” commandment. Real Empathy
Rescue Dawn
rd Werner Herzog makes Christian Bale crash-land in Vietnam, lose many kilos in weight and bite into a live snake. Now you know why Bale acted in Terminator Salvation.
Truth? Fact? Match the following: a. Rescue Dawn, b. Little Dieter… – 1. Fiction, 2. Documentary
A young law student never starts studying in his new college and the red never starts fading from the film reels. gul
Everyone gets the required 75% attendance. Not as abstract
Dekalog Two
dek A woman needs to know how her husband would come out of the hospital. For the most part, a melancholic doctor sits on the fence.
Mysterious ways Science is 0-2 down against god thus far.
Abachurina post office
In times when they didn’t realise they were speaking into a mic, a man’s quest to power a then modern communication system meets with mixed results. apo
Everyone gets to send this to 13 people. Else… Remembering Tejaswi
A Wednesday – Unnaipol Oruvan
wed Two wonderful actors try to cleanse the system. More crucially for mankind, they run laptops and other gadgets for about six hours on something other than proper electricity.
Multiple Messaging They get the “So-so films made at a great time” award.
A group of friends meet, banter and work their futures out in a Baltimore hang-out. di
Drinks are on the Diner. 9 million actors
Dekalog One
do When a personal tragedy strikes a brilliant professor, his authority is questioned by either science, god or both.
The Good Father Pavel gets no compilation errors.
Many double-crosses, foolishness and opportunism later, a charming 80s Tamil town loses it’s way and is soaked in blood. su
This gets the Meanstreet award for buddy-gangster films. Disturbingly violent
Aa dinagalu
ad Good gangster films are like German cars. They always work. Even Sridhar pretending to lean more towards A K Ramanujan than AK 47 doesn’t spoil this.
Sunday cinema Atul Kulkarni gets all my unread, untouched Ayn Rand books. Free.
Dev D
Anurag Kashyap does a fair job retelling the story of a sentimental drunkard, but there’s only so much anyone can do with it. dd
Dev D gets the best Devdas award, for what it’s worth. Celebrating womanhood
Midnight Cowboy
mc Dustin Hoffman’s health goes down dramatically as his friendship with the wannabe hustler, Jon Voight, goes up at same speed.
Breaking rules Star Movies made sure this wasn’t X-rated. Not even R-rated for that matter.
Both Shweta Prasad and Shabana Azmi do double roles, in their own way. Chunni, Munni and Shabana’s chudail are far more interesting than the hasty sacrifice of Shabana’s chor. mak
Makdee chudail gets woodapple juice. Smaran rahe. Genius Vishal
In the mood for love
itmfl Any trip to Hong Kong, if made after seeing this film, would be disappointing. Unless, life there always moves this slowly and Yumeji’s Theme keeps playing in the background.
Mood piece

Acts of Love

Nat King Cole gets a, “Muchas gracias por ayudarme con mi español” note. Will he take it? “Quizás, quizás, quizás”

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