I was always fascinated by the bizarre saturated effect of the Andy Warhol pop art. While doing the previous post on Ajit Agarkar, I managed to get something similar out of Photoshop. It’s quite easy to do, and looks pretty much how I thought the Andy Warhol-look was.

The idea is to convert the first image to the second.

mon_1 mon_8

Here’s how:

1. Desaturate the image. Image–>Adjust–>Desaturate
2. Set a massive contrast. This is a crucial step as you have to adjust the brightness and contrast in such a way that there are hardly any greys left and the key features of the image are clearly visible. In this case, there is a bit of grey, but that’s not too bad. Image–>Adjust–>Brightness/Contrast
3. Add the colour. Image–>Adjust–>Gradient Map
The gradient map already has some combination of colours which you can choose from. If there aren’t enough, create your own gradients and save them or go to Image–>Adjust–>Replace Color and alter the existing ones the way you want. Eg. The 4th image below which had a similar colour as the 2nd..