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Another from my great experiments with Photoshop. This time, making good a portrait. My camera gives a very dull image because of lack of contrast. All it takes are a couple of clicks in any decent software (even Picasa) to set that right. Here, I found out you can get an old art film-like effect at least with some photographs.

The idea is to make the first image look like the second.

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Here’s how:

1. Desaturate the image. Image–>Adjust–>Desaturate


2. Set a proper contrast. Image–>Adjust–>Brightness/Contrast


3. Punctuate the contrast. Meaning: round off the work on the contrast by using a Filter. Duplicate layer (Ctrl+J). Filter->Other->High Pass (about 7-8 pixels or depending on the photograph). Make sure the grays aren’t washed white. Set blending more to Overlay. Merge layers (Ctrl+Shift+E).


4. Let it glow. Duplicate layer. Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur (about 7-8 pixels or depending on the photograph). You can stop at the instant the image goes completely blurred. Set blending mode to Overlay. Merge layers. Done.