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3 Idiots
Munnabhai morphs into an engineer and this time he has two Circuits for company. He also has a stack of email jokes to press his moral science lessons (and the film) forward.
They all get marks worth their average age. Which is very close to getting them a distinction, you see! Fetid garbage
ko An immature man doesn’t know he has to seek maturity, but he is given ample time by Adoor Gopalakrishnan to do so.
Artistic Height Gets the “Film about nothing (in a nice way) award”.
Bad make-up was never so bad as 10 Kamal Hassans take “being in every scene” to a whole new level. das
Asin shows class is permanent by snatching the “most irritating character” award from many KHs. Sad story
Burden of Dreams
bd Sometimes the making of a film has more drama than the film itself. Still, it is tough to choose when it comes to this and its parent, Fitzcarraldo.
Extraordinary document If all this really happened, then Fitzcarraldo’s better. Otherwise, just for the ingenuity, Burden of Dreams.
Dekalog Seven
A young woman thinks she is now old enough to claim her child. Nobody else agrees with her. d7
This is based on “Thou Shalt Not Steal”. So watch it on an original DVD. No judgments
Banker Margayya
bm Once a honest banker, will end a honest banker. After trying out various bizarre professions.
Visual Treat It is based on R K Narayan’s Financial Expert. Has 3 songs.
Story of Adaptation
Ardh Satya
Sub-inspector Anant Welankar is too much of a man to take the middle road. Too many people refuse to allow him that. as
Is that dacoit one of the worst casting decisions ever? Regaining Manhood
Incomplete Truth
The loneliness of a long distance runner
lol A young Britisher serving his time at a reformatory doesn’t quite like the stiff upper-lip and takes a drastic step towards rebellion.
Power struggle Colin Smith gets Gold.
Dekalog Six
A young man falls for a woman he peeps on. The woman takes time to get the point. d6
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery or Keep Your Windows Open. Profound
om Despite knowing Maqbool’s fate, Vishal Bharadwaj’s heroes fail to get acquainted with Shakespeare and pay the price.
Love it Best songs in a Shakespeare adaptation?
Bara | Kannada | 1980 | 117 mins | MS Sathyu
An honest public servant finds that a famine hit village has a flood of dishonesty. Bara
And what on parched earth was Pankaj Dheer doing here? Many Famines
Inglourious Basterds
ib Quentin Tarantino takes his love for cinema straight into the Nazi high command and gore becomes gorgeous.
Five styles QT might get an honourable mention at the Perpi as well.
Ingenious, basterd
Dekalog Five
A killer, a lawyer and the law form three vertices in Kieslowski’s riveting take on crime and punishment. d5
That last scene is something. Brooding atmosphere
ch Satyajit Ray invokes, rather tamely, Byomkesh Bakshi to solve a crime involving weird characters and a metaphoric zoo.
Ray’s worst Byomkesh gets a red herring.
Terry Gilliam’s apocalyptic prediction that our descendants will be even more inefficient than us. But then, maybe it is about us. braz
This song gave the movie its name. Pleasurable Experience
sp A blind man’s vigorous defense of his independence leads his relationship curve to follow a sine wave.
Fragile people It gets “Arguably, the best acted Hindi film” award.

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