The only thing that you will look forward to on a second visit to Bangladesh could be the clothes you can buy there. They look good and even though they’d all be tried by at least a few dozens of people have tried it before you, it is worth the money. You can test your bargaining skills and improve your life savings a bit. But what else is Bangladesh about?
In about a month, I got no answer to that. The traffic in Dhaka and Chittagong can get horrible. Coming from a Bangalorean it is bad news. A 10-minute drive can take more than an hour. A walk on the streets is easily the fastest mode of transport for anything less than a couple of kilometers far. This walk has its own problems. Some parts of the footpath are converted urinals. It is worse than India and that is bad, bad news.

People are generally easy to get along with. They are unassuming and, anyway, if you don’t speak Bengali, you pretty much can’t speak with the majority. Food is a problem if you are vegetarian. They sprinkle meat slices on a lot of things you wouldn’t expect them to sprinkle it. Once they get an idea of NO to anything greater than EGGS, their servings are more than enough for three people.
New Market, Basundhara and Bongo Bazaar in Dhaka, Southland, Singapore and Bangkok markets in Chittagong. 16 taka DVDs at the Mollika Plaza, Chola Bhatura for 50 takas, T-shirts for 60 takas, cycle rickshaw rides for 20 takas and timeless traffic. Thats about the Bangladesh I know.