Many years later, facing a platoon of androidal bulldozers demolishing earth to build an inter-galactic ring-road, I would recall the day in Bangalore when I first discovered ice-cream.  I would also recall my:


Tendulkar’s hook (when he plays it) and his upper-cut over third-man, Leg-spin, Asgiriya at Kandy, Gibbs’ flick, Laxman’s flicked straight-drive, Francis Thomson’s Lord’s, Vaughan’s cover drive, Donald’s action, Metronome McGrath, Lara’s dance down the wicket, Martyn’s square cut, anything from Gayle that is played across the line.

Thanks to Roger Ebert, Part of this About page can also be found here.


Seventh Seal, Jalsaghar, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, My Neighbour Totoro, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Yojimbo, High and Low, My Best Fiend, Pushpak, Taxidriver, Fitzcarraldo, Children of Heaven.


1. 3rd rank in 1st standard. Last rank in 11th standard. Only Ravi Shastri’s batting order has seen more places.
2. Won many Rs. 40 cheques from Indian Express while in school. Never encashed them.
3. Won a floppy (a big one, green in colour) from Indian Express. I gifted it to an auto driver. Thus began my attachment to interior decoration. Thus it ended.
4. Have had more dreams of falling from a building than real experiences of falling from a building.
5. Watched Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat four times. Still couldn’t get it.
6. Was the best Book Cricketer in class 9B.

Orkut Files

These are some my answers to the strange interrogation procedure adopted by Orkut, the second home of self-respecting youngsters.

Turn offs:
Cockroach-eaters, weather reports, limphosocoma of the intestines, blood on the dance floor

Five things I cant live without:
5. Small intestines
4. Gall bladder
3. Oesophagus
2. Axon
1. Topi sambhalo seth, varna ud jayega

in my bedroom you will find:
a degenerating cockroach which is living on its last membrane of cyclophanic substance that is being continuously gnawed on by a wretched ottoman weasel that somehow flew in on its own accord. I know the cockroach will soon wither away but the extinct platypus that drips coagulated citrus fluid from the ceiling feels I should try Tchaikovskian harmonies to sooth its nerves. I doubt it’ll help.


Try the woodapple juice.

All BMTC buses are destined to stop more at signals than in their prescribed bus-stops, so plan accordingly.


1. The first episode of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was broadcast on BBC radio, exactly an year before my birth.

2. The day I was born, the first extraterrestrial volcano was discovered on Io, a satellite of Jupiter.

3. That was also the day the first CD was unveiled by Philips.

4. Wikipedia says that Afghanistan celebrates Mother’s Day on the day each year.

5. Amazingly, around 49.9% of the world’s population have a day named specially for them.


suo motto


1 thought on “About”

  1. How do you plan the colour of the signals when the bus stops?

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