Un poco cine

Warning: Some of the links leading out of here might contain spoilers.

A Carnatic singer’s life between two different visits to a temple is full of ups and downs such as what his society doesn’t expect from his lot.
Might be Anant Nag’s first Kannada film. The book
Shutter Island
Martin Scorsese plays a convoluted chess game, with Leonardo di Caprio as either pawn or queen.
Definitely Ambiguous The chess game ends expectedly, in a stalemate.
Belle Epoque (Spanish)
A Spanish army deserter can’t believe his luck when four sisters including Maribel Verdu and Penelope Cruz take special interest in him.
Fernando gets the “role that every young man dreams of playing” award. Sun-soaked Lyricism
Agni IPS
The tyranny of evil hits a roadblock in Bangalore when Agni fills the city with his own brand of ultraviolence.
Sanitising police Agni gets Lion-heart of the Land award.
An old man makes good use of his profession to go through on a free ride to South America. Adventure ensues and he loses a hero.
Russel gets a badge. Magic
Akira Kurosawa’s last film becomes a sentimental ode to kindness whilst following a professor’s final years.
Nice farewell So like Ikiru, but not so like it too.
Mist doesn’t spare even Satyajit Ray’s characters in Darjeeling while it’s metaphorical equivalent clouds a lot more inside them.
Where was the toy train? Enigmatically non-linear
Metaphoric mist
After Hours
A man frustrated with his desk job goes on a nocturnal errand which, by the time it ends, puts things into perspective.
Highly undervalued A little light coming from Scorsese. But it came a long time back, so who cares!
A series of escalating violence flatters to deceive as a fiery start tapers into a tepid thriller.
It gets to see the light of day, maybe. No apologies
La Dolce Vita
A journalist goes from one social gathering to another looking for a place to just fit in.
Remarkable, yet no 8 and a half Anita Ekberg and Air India gets special mention.
Road, Movie
It doesn’t take too long to discover that the host of villagers in this road trip to self-discovery are actually poorly-disguised arty-types.
They might make it tax-free but doesn’t get to be toll-tax free. The road movie
At the circus
A circus owner has to get back his money from a crook. To help him in this, Groucho, Chico and Harpo use lethal one-liners and destructive comedy devices.
G-Marxism Not a quite a Duck Soup.

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